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i will probably never finish this so i might as well post here

first proof and second proof from my drypoint project in class.  unfortunately i was worried about not drawing on the plate hard enough so i pressed really hard and as a result the lines look childish, but i’m working on a second plate as a personal project and that one seems to be turning out better so far (though i haven’t made a proof yet so who knows).  going to make a third proof next time in class and hopefully that’ll be the final one so i can start printing for real.

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gouache doodles

flammentanzerin replied to your photo:today’s sketch

lmao johan’s face. poor baby he has no idea how much worse it is than he thinks.

when will johan stop having horrible days? never, probably

roxylalonde replied to your photo:yessss i think it would be a cool project to do,…

would you sell the tarot cards i would love to have a deck!!!

IDK……. i’m not sure if i’ll be able to make an entire set (i was planning on only doing all the characters i could match easily to cards) without dying or taking 5 years to complete it because there are so many cards and i don’t know anything about how to get art printed/made into a deck or how to sell stuff online ;______;  

i guess an alternative would be to sell some of the major character card designs as prints but that’s not really the same thing and i also don’t predict much interest in it at all

yessss i think it would be a cool project to do, the hard part is matching up characters to cards and also having to design and complete a totally finished piece per card.  

clara is helping me with pairing characters to cards, so far we’ve got tentative matches for pre- and post-eclipse guts, griffith, and casca; matches for farnese and serpico; and maybe a match for guts pre-meeting the band of the hawk though three cards for him seems kind of excessive.  this still leaves a TON of characters to match to cards though :’( and then i have to thumbnail, draw, and maybe color each card.. i haven’t even decided what media i want to use to make these.

i’m also incorporating tarot motifs into some original art too so i should be posting some of that in the coming weeks!

testing out actually inking clean lines with this brush instead of sketching. this is for a berserk tarot card project thing that i may or may not ever finish? it depends on how lazy i am.

ok back to art! i break out the acrylics only like once every six months but this turned out ok i guess