sorry for the bad photo- i’ll try to put up a nicer photo/scan tomorrow- but this is for my next two printmaking projects and i’m not sure which to do as a drypoint and which to do as an etching.  can anyone who knows a little about printmaking give advice/feedback/etc?  these aren’t finished final sketches either so i can alter the drawings if anyone has suggestions for how to make the drawings (and thus the prints) better.

if anyone has advice or even can recommend me some printmakers whose work i could study please share! i’m really enjoying printmaking and i want to do a really good job on these.

ulv and johan go to the gym and ulv tags along with johan the whole time to admire the fact that he can lift more weights than ulv can

i just took like the PERFECT selfie and my face looks actually decent only its ruined because i have a obviously fake scar drawn in eyeliner across my nose like guts… the gutsthetic

berserk modern au where the band of the hawk isn’t a group of soldiers but instead they are all actors playing knights at Medieval Times

today’s drawings from twitter 

and (probably) the last doodle for tonight

expression practice from twitter, the goal was to fill up the whole canvas but i ran outta steam pretty fast and only got these three done.  i need to draw guts more often!

ziggyzagz replied to your photoset:some stuff

God i love your berserk doodles

omg bless you thank you!!

there may be more coming up this evening too if i can make myself draw stuff? WE WILL SEE

some stuff

samsaontheshore replied to your photo:possible color scheme for sauron. i’m not sure…… dark auburn sauron

you say this about every twink

seintos replied to your photo:aaand here’s some berserk stuff, i need to draw…

i really love how u draw griffith’s hair!!

thank you!  i’m pretty happy with how this turned out, i wanted to add in more detail than i usually do when inking