if you don’t follow my berserk garbage sideblog and my twitter you’re missing out on so much. so much

i fixed up my twitter and now it is a beautiful berserk experience 

i need to vary up how i draw faces more 

i love casca ;________; maybe i’ll make companion pieces to this if i don’t feel so lazy

casca askin fem guts “why do you wear this nasty old shirt every single day” and guts gets offended and makes a big show of sulking 

shortly thereafter guts tries and fails to comfort griffith and for his troubles gets a scathing remark about his turisas shirt

heavy metal garbage griffith because of battle beast, i was going to draw a matching guts but i put in too much effort for what was intended to be a joke picture and now i don’t have the energy. so just imagine guts is here in nasty jeans and a filthy hoodie with some metal band logo on it and the mental image will be complete.

some more berserks 

ready to get out onto the battlefield and kill a man 

i bought some markers today and also cut up an old fashion magazine